Amore Color Chart


Black: Black

Expresso: Off Black

Cappucino: Dark Brown

Deep Smoky Brown

Dark Chocolate: Dark Brown and medium brown 50/50 blend

Caramel Brown: Dark reddish brown plus white gold highlights on face line

Chocolate Frost: Dark chocolate with caramel cream highlights

Mocha Brown: Darkest brown with light brown highlights on face line and nape line

Coffee Latte: Dark brown with dark brown & honey brown 50/50 blend highlights

Java Frost: Dark brown base with gold blond and light auburn 50/50 blend highlights

Ginger Brown: Medium auburn and medium brown 50/50 blend

Toasted Brown: Dark chocolate with medium auburn highlights

Kahlua Blast

Medium Brown: Neutral medium brown

Iced Mocha: Medium brown with gold blond highlights

Light Chocolate: Light golden brown with auburn tones

Golden Brown: Neutral Light Golden Brown

Almond Rocka: Dark golden brown base with strawberry blond and bright copper 50/50 blended highlights

Marble Brown: Medium brown and light honey brown 50/50 blend

Maple Sugar: Light chocolate with butterscotch highlights


A curtain of light color tucked under a darker tone to create an alluring ombré blend with the natural movement of the hair

Honeycomb Brown: Medium brown base with gold underlight color on middle to bottom area


Coffee Latte-R: Rooted dark with dark brown, dark brown and honey brown 50/50 blend highlights

Iced Mocha-R: Rooted dark with medium brown and gold blonde highlights

Almond Rocka-R: Rooted dark with dark golden brown base with strawberry blond and bright copper 50/50 blended highlights

Marble Brown R

Maple Sugar-R: Rooted dark with light chocolate and butterscotch highlights


Honey Wheat: Light brown base with honey blond highlight

Mochaccino: Light golden brown with light gold blond highlights

Butter Pecan: Butterscotch with toasted brown lowlights

Harvest Gold: Medium brown and dark gold blond 50/50 blend

Creamy Toffee: Spring honey with light gold blond

Strawberry Swirl: Medium auburn with platinum blond highlights

Spring Honey: Medium blond with light blond highlights

Frosti Blond: Platinum blonde and light ash brown 50/50 blend

Ice Blond: Ashy blond base with white gold tips and highlights on face line

Vanilla Lush: Butterscotch with platinum blond highlights

Gold Blond: Blend of Gold Blonde

Sugar Cane: Spring honey with medium auburn lowlights

Creamy Blond: Platinum and light gold blonde 50/50 blend

Platinum Pearl: White blond


Mochaccino-R: Rooted dark with light golden brown with light gold blonde highlights

Spring Honey-R: Rooted Dark Medium Blond with Light Blonde highlights

Creamy Toffee-R: Spring honey with light gold blond rooted dark

Rose Gold-R: Blond base with reddish higlights and rooted

Sugar Cane-R: Rooted dark with spring honey with medium auburn lowlights

Champagne R



Melted Sunset

Melted Marshmallow


Burgundy: Dark auburn

Burgundy Rosa: Black with bright red highlights

Garnet Glaze: Dark brown and dark auburn base with medium auburn and bright auburn highlights

Bronzed Brown: Medium auburn with copper red highlights

Cayenne Spice: Medium brown and light auburn highlights

Rusty Red: Medium reddish brown base with light reddish highlights

Auburn Sugar: Medium auburn base with a dark strawberry blond highlight

Chestnut: Dark and bright auburn 50/50 blend

Ginger Highlight: Medium brown and light auburn highlight

Razberry Ice: Burgundy with paprika and butterscotch highlights

Irish Spice: Light chestnut with dark rust highlights

Coconut Spice: Light red brown base with honey blond highlight

Copper Glaze: Bronzed brown with light dark rust highlights

Apricot Frost: Bright copper base with a strawberrry blond highlight


Razberry Ice-R: Rooted dark with burgundy and paprika base with butterscotch highlights

Auburn Sugar-R: Rooted dark with a medium auburn base with a dark strawberry blond highlight

Copper Glaze R


Pastel Blue-R: Pastel periwinkle tone base with a dark black/purple root


Midnight Pearl: Dark brown base with dark brown and silver blend with silver bangs

Sandy Silver: Salt & pepper blend with beige brown

Silver Stone: Dark brown base with blend of three grey shades (56/51/44)

39 Light Ash: Light Ash Brown with 75% Grey

51:  Light Grey with 30% Brown

56: Light Grey with 10% Brown

Silver Mink: Silver White

60: 100% white


Illumina-R: Silver Grey with dark roots


A dramatic ombré style root with a gradual lightening toward the ends.


Mochaccino-LR: Longer rooted dark with light brown base and strawberry blonde highlights

Macadamia-LR: Rooted dark brown with beige blonde ends

Banana Split-LR: Rooted dark brown with light golden blonde ends

Creamy Toffee-LR: Longer rooted dark with light platinum blonde and light honey blonde 50/50 blend


Marble Brown-LR: Ombre type of Dark Brown rooted, Medium Brown and Light Honey Brown 50/50 blend


Crimson-LR: Rooted dark burgundy with light coppery ends

Plumberry Jam-LR: Medium Plum Ombre rooted with 50/50 blend of Red/Fuschia