Gabor Plus Colors

Gabor wig styles that are available in Gabor Plus colors have face-framing highlights and lowlights in the front that gradually progress to deeper and richer hues at the nape.

G2+ Licorice Mist (Dimensional black slightly lighter at the front, slightly darker at the nape)

 G4+ Dark Chocolate Mist (Dark chocolate brown)

G6+ Coffee Mist (Medium brown)

G8+ Chestnut Mist (Warm medium brown)

G10+ Nutmeg Mist (Light neutral brown)

G11+Mocha Mist (Light Brown with more enhance highlighting on top)

G12+ Pecan Mist (Light brown)

G13+ Cappuccino Mist

G14+Almond Mist (Natural Sun Kissed Blonde)

G15+ Buttered Toast Mist (Warm Blonde with pale highlights on top)

G16+ Honey Mist (Light Neutral Blonde)

G17+ Vanilla Mist (Cool, ash blonde with lighter tones though the top and sides, progressing to a deeper ash blonde nape)

G19+Praline Mist (Medium Blonde with pale highlighting on top)

G20+Wheat Mist (Light ash blonde)


G25+ Butterscotch Mist (Highlighted golden blonde)

G27+Ginger Mist (Pale Reddish Blonde)

G29+Cayenne Mist (Strawberry Blonde)

G30+Paprika Mist (Rich Mahogany Brown)

G31+ Mango Mist (Understated red with lighter tones through the top and sides, progressing to a rich, darker nape)

G38+Sugared Walnut  (Medium Brown with 50% Grey)

G48+Sugared Pecan (Light Brown with 80% Grey)

G56+Sugared Silver (Silver grey)

G58+Sugared Almond (Light Brown with 80% Grey with White highlights)

G60+Burnished Snow (Almost White with 5% Silver at nape)

G101+Platinum Mist (Medium Blonde with 80% Grey)

305C Sugared Smoke (Light blonde with 80% grey and a pearly white front)

511C Sugared Charcoal (Steel Grey with subtle Light Grey highlights at the front)

G630+Chocolate Copper Mist (Medium Brown with Copper Red highlights)

G811+Mahogany Mist (Warm Medium Brown with Gold highlights)

G829+Dark Cinnamon Mist (Medium Brown with Ginger Red highlights)

G627+ Hazelnut Mist (Medium brown with pale reddish blonde highlights)

34C Espresso Mist (Dark brown with 10% grey)