Toppers vs. Wigs

Not sure whether to get a topper or a wig? Here is some info to help you decide.

Toppers can help you conceal thinning hair or areas of hair loss at the crown, hairline or top of the head. They are a good option if you do not have complete hair loss, as they can be blended with your own hair. They come in all fibers and are very easy to apply too. They also come in different base sizes depending on the area you want to cover. That is not all, you can also use toppers to add volume or length, or just to cover roots growth between coloring.

As for wigs, they offer full coverage, so they are recommended if you have complete hair loss, or if you want to change your style in an instant.


In conclusion:

Wigs for full coverage    or    Toppers for specific areas to blend w/your hair