Alpha Wave 16″ Hairpiece by Raquel Welch




Alpha Wave 16” is a versatile top-of-head piece that reflects today’s trending loose wave texture. It’s soft, sexy, beachy hair with an air of casual confidence. The monofilament top allows you to part left, right or center and the heat-friendly synthetic Tru2Life fiber means it can be curled or straightened depending on your mood.

Top Piece for Hair Loss Stages: Receding through 5

Monofilament Top

Front: 14¼”, Crown: 16½”, Sides: 14¼”, Back: 16½”, Base: 6″ x 6½”

Weight: 4.4 oz

Color Shown: RL14/25SS Shaded Honey Ginger

Available colors: Off Black (RL2/4) | Black Coffee (RL4/6) | Dark Chocolate (RL6/8) | Ginger Brown (RL5/27) | Bronzed Sable (RL6/28) | Copper Mahogany (RL6/30) | Hazelnut (RL8/29) | Sunlit Chestnut (RL10/12) | Golden Walnut (RL11/25) | Honey Toast (RL12/16) | Golden Pecan (RL13/88) | Pale Gold Wheat (RL14/22) | Honey Ginger (RL14/25) | Pale Golden Honey (RL16/88) | Biscuit (RL19/23) | Golden Russet (RL29/25) | Rusty Auburn (RL30/27) | Cinnabar (RL32/31) | Deepest Ruby (RL33/35) | Silver (RL56/60) | Silver and Smoke (RL119) | Sugar and Charcoal (RL511) | Shaded Hazelnut (RL8/29SS) | Shaded Cappucino (RL12/22SS) | Shaded Pale Gold Wheat RL14/22SS) | RL14/25SS | RL16/21SS | RL613SS | Shaded Biscuit (RL19/23SS)

Raquel Welch Heat-friendly Colors

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