Bosley Styling Gel


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Visibly thicken with naturally-derived volumizers that create body and strength with this weightless, alcohol-free medium-hold gel. Humidity resistant. Protects against damage from thermal styling tools.

Contains LifeXtend Complex:

Biogenic Pentapeptides
A naturally occurring amino acid group often found in hair and skin serve to strengthen and fortify hair, creating thicker, fuller looking hair.

Botanical Extracts
Helps support healthy hair and assists in strengthening hair, creating the optimal environment for hair preservation and growth.

Ocean Marine Algae
High in vitamins and nutrients, provides the building blocks to nourish healthy hair and scalp while fighting the effects of DHT, a hormone linked to hair loss.

Free From:
Artificial colors or dyes

5.1 oz.


Apply to clean damp hair, blow dry or air dry.

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