Brandi Monofilament Wig by Amore



Extra long layers cut to frame face and neck.

Double-Layered Monofilament Top

Colors Shown: New! Kahlua Blast, Harvest Gold, Toasted Brown, Chestnut

Fringe: 9.3″ (23.5 cm), Crown: 14.5″ (37 cm), Nape: 13″ (33 cm)
Weight: 5.6 oz (159 g)

Size: Average

Hair type: Synthetic

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Available colors: Expresso | CappucinoDark Chocolate | Ginger Brown | Kahlua Blast | Marble Brown | Medium Brown | Toasted Brown | Maple Sugar R | Marble Brown LR | Harvest Gold | Spring Honey | Gold Blond | Creamy Blond | Mochaccino R | Creamy Toffee R | Chestnut | Auburn Sugar R

Expresso           Cappucino

Dark Chocolate  Kahlua Blast

Marble Brown  Medium Brown

Ginger Brown  Toasted Brown

Maple Sugar R Marble Brown LR

Harvest Gold    Gold Blond

Creamy Blond  Spring Honey

Mochaccino R  Creamy Toffee R

Chestnut            Auburn Sugar R

Full Color Description Amore Color Chart

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