Chameleon Hairpiece by Raquel Welch


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A versatile bang addition featuring a monofilament part with a Sheer Lines® Front for added styling versatility and three strategically placed pressure sensitive clips for a secure attachment, this clever hair enhancer offers you the option of the latest fringe hair trend without the commitment of cutting your hair.

Shown in R14/88H

Hair type: Synthetic

Hair Lengths: Front 6″, Crown 9¾”, Sides 9¾”, Back 9¾”

Available colors: R2 | R4 | R6 | R6/30H | R8 | R8/25 | R10 | R12T | R12/26H | R14/25 | R14/88H | R21T | R22 | R23S | R25 | R29S | R33 | R38 | R44 | R56 | R56/60 | R60 | R101 | R829S | R830 | R1416T | R1621S | R3025S | SS12/22 | SS14/88

Raquel Welch Synthetic Colors

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R2, R4, R6, R6/30H, R8, R8/25, R10, R12T, R12/26H, R14/25, R14/88H, R21T, R22, R23S, R25, R29S, R33, R38, R44, R56, R56/60, R60, R101, R829S, R830, R1416T, R1621S, R3025S, SS12/22, SS14/88

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