Crushing on Casual by Raquel Welch


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This short, boy cut is long on style and fullness. Beautifully tapered lengths throughout offer a multitude of styling options from full and soft to textured and piece-y. The slightly angled fringe can be worn onto the face or swept away while the razor cut nape creates a soft clean look in the back. The Sheer Indulgence™ temple-totemple lace front monofilament top allows for natural looking off-the-face styling and parting options.


Sheer Indulgence™ Temple to Temple Lace Front
Monofilament Top
Memory Cap® III Base
Hair type: Vibralite® Synthetic Hair

Cap Size: Average

Front: 3½”, Crown: 4”, Sides: 1¾”, Back: 3½”, Nape: 2¼”

Color Shown: SS44/60 Sugared Licorice

Available colors: R4 | R6 | R6/30H | R9F26 | R10 | R11S+ | R12/26H | R13F25 | R14/25 | R14/88H | R25 | R29S | R1621S | R829S+ | R3025S | R56/60 | SS14/88 | SS613 | SS4/6 | SS4/33 | SS9/30 | SS12/20 | SS15/24 | SS23/61 | SS30/28 | SS44/60 

Raquel Welch Synthetic Colors

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R4, R6, R6/30H, R9F26, R10, R11S+, R12/26H, R13F25, R14/25, R14/88H, R25, R29S, R1621S, R829S+, R3025S, R56/60, SS14/88, SS613, SS4/6, SS4/33, SS9/30, SS12/20, SS15/24, SS23/61, SS30/28, SS44/60

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