Editor’s Pick Lace Front Wig by Raquel Welch


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Why not romance the season with this modern look— tender waves and gently tousled layers?

This above the shoulder layered bob comes styled with loose, bouncy waves. Softly waved top and bangs blend perfectly into full layers that make for a trendy, tousled look that can be finger styled or brushed into a fuller silhouette of soft waves. Plus the temple to temple lace front and monofilament top for off-the face styling and varied parting options means styling choices are almost limitless!

Sheer Indulgence™
Temple to Temple Lace Front
Monofilament Top
Memory Cap® II base

Front: 4½”, Crown: 10¼”, Sides: 9¼”, Back: 8”, Nape: 6½”

Suitable for oval, square, diamond, heart, pear and oblong shaped faces

Color shown: RL33/35

Available colors: RL2/4 | RL4/6 | RL6/8 | RL5/27 | RL6/28 | RL6/30 | RL8/29 | RL10/12 | RL11/25 | RL12/16 | RL13/88 | RL14/22 | RL14/25 | RL16/88 | RL19/23 | RL29/25 | RL30/27 | RL31/29 | RL32/31 | RL33/35 | RL51/61 | RL56/60 | RL4/10SS | RL8/12SS | RL8/29SS | RL9/24SS | RL10/22SS | RL12/22SS | RL14/22SS | RL17/23SS | RL19/23SS | RL29/33SS 

Raquel Welch Heat-friendly Colors

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RL2/4, RL4/6, RL6/8, RL5/27, RL6/28, RL6/30, RL8/29, RL10/12, RL11/25, RL12/16, RL13/88, RL14/22, RL14/25, RL16/88, RL19/23, RL29/25, RL30/27, RL31/29, RL32/31, RL33/35, RL51/61, RL56/60, RL4/10SS, RL8/12SS, RL8/29SS, RL9/24SS, RL10/22SS, RL12/22SS, RL14/22SS, RL17/23SS, RL19/23SS, RL29/33SS

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