Top Wave 12″ Topper by Jon Renau


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A bold, unfettered attitude shines brighter with this easygoing, wavy style. This clip in topper adds volume and looks completely natural with a monofilament base. Perfect for the beginning and mid/progressive stages of hair loss.


Color Shown 6F27
Hair Type Synthetic
Base Dimension 6.75″ X 6.5″
Collection Toppers
Application Method Clip In
Length 12″
Weight 2.9 oz
Base Construction Monofilament

Available colors: 1B, 4, 6, 6/33, 6F27, 8, 8/30, 10, 10H16, 12, 12/30BT, 14/26, 16/22, 22MB, 24B22, 24BT18, 24B/27C, 12FS8, 14/26S10, 24BT18S8, FS26/31, FS27, FS26/31S6, FS6/30/27, FS4/33/30A, FS2V/31V, 12FS12 Malibu,FS24-102S12 Laguna, 22F16S8 Venice, FS17-101S18 Palm Springs

 For full color description click Jon Renau Color Chart

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