On the Go 10″ Hairpiece by Raquel Welch




Designed for the woman with chin-length or longer hair who wants added volume on the top, On The Go 10” is a layered, chin-length top-of-head piece that provides beautiful coverage while perfectly blending into your own hair. The monofilament top allows the piece to be parted in the center, or on either side for a dramatic sweeping bang. The heat-friendly synthetic Tru2Life fiber lets you determine the curl pattern.

Top Piece for Hair Loss Stages: Receding through 5

Sheer Indulgence™

Monofilament Top

Front: 8½”, Crown: 10¼”, Sides: 10″, Back: 10″

Base: 6″ x 6½”

Weight: 2.6 oz

Color Shown: RL14/25SS Shaded Honey Ginger

Available colors: Off Black (RL2/4) | Black Coffee (RL4/6) | Dark Chocolate (RL6/8) | Ginger Brown (RL5/27) | Bronzed Sable (RL6/28) | Copper Mahogany (RL6/30) | Hazelnut (RL8/29) | Sunlit Chestnut (RL10/12) | Golden Walnut (RL11/25) | Honey Toast (RL12/16) | Golden Pecan (RL13/88) | Pale Gold Wheat (RL14/22) | Honey Ginger (RL14/25) | Pale Golden Honey (RL16/88) | Biscuit (RL19/23) | Golden Russet (RL29/25) | Rusty Auburn (RL30/27) | Cinnabar (RL32/31) | Deepest Ruby (RL33/35) | RL38 | Silver (RL56/60) | Silver and Smoke (RL119) | Sugar and Charcoal (RL511) | Shaded Hazelnut (RL8/29SS) | Shaded Cappucino (RL12/22SS) | Shaded Pale Gold Wheat RL14/22SS) | RL14/25SS | RL16/21SS | RL613SS | Shaded Biscuit (RL19/23SS)

Raquel Welch Heat-friendly Colors

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