Raquel Welch Glamour and More Human Hair Wig




Take it to the extreme in length that shouts luxury. Long barely there layers add flow and movement to this superwoman length. Add a bang or customize the length to create any hairstyle you desire. Embrace extreme length in this Couture style that’s more than glamorous.

Cap Size: Average

Front: 17″, Crown: 21″, Sides: 19″, Back: 20″, Nape: 18″

Weight: 9 oz.


  • French drawn top with hidden knots
  • Swiss Lace across the front
  •  Silicone coated stretch mesh keeps wig secure
  • Strategically placed silicone strips for a secure fit
  •  Fine material adjustment slots reduce the circumference

Color Shown: SS829, SS14/88

Available in: R2/31 | R4 | R6/30H | R829S+ | R10 | R14/25 | R14/88H | R25 | R29S+ | R3025S+ | SS829 | SS1222 | SS14/88 | SS26

R2/31         R4

R6/30H     R829S+

R10              R14/25

R14/88H   R25

R29S          R3025S

SS829         SS1222

SS1488       SS26

Raquel Welch Human Hair Color Chart

Additional information


R2/31, R4, R6/30H, R829S+, R10, R14/25, R14/88H, R25, R29S+, R3025S+, SS829, SS1222, SS14/88, SS26

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