Soft and Subtle Lace Front Wig by Gabor – Petite/Average


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Today’s top crop. Tumbled waves in a blunt bob are stylized yet casual too. A flattering cut for many face shapes.


Sheer 1½” temple to temple lace front for a low density, natural looking hairline
Monofilament Part
Velvet lined ear tabs
Velvet lined extended nape
Ultra-thin adjusters at the nape for added comfort
Flexlite® synthetic hair
Gabor Luminous colors

Cap Size: Petite/Average (Also available in Average/Large)

Front: 10½”, Crown: 10½”, Sides: 8”, Back: 8”, Nape: 5”

Color Shown: GL613/88SS, GL14/16 and GL23-101SS 

Available in: GL2-6 | GL4-8 | GL6-30 | GL8-10 | GL8-29 | GL10-12 | GL10-14 | GL11-25 | GL12-14 | GL12-16 | GL14-16 | GL14-22 | GL15-26 | GL16-27 | GL18-23 | GL23-101 | GL27-22 | GL27-29 | GL29-31 | GL30-32 | GL33-130 | GL38/48 | GL44/51 | GL51/56 | GL56/60 | GL60/101 | GL11/25SS | GL14/16SS | GL14/22SS | GL15/26SS | GL16/27SS | GL23/101SS | GL613/88SS | GL44/66SS


For full color description go to: Gabor Luminous Colors

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GL2-6, GL4-8, GL6-30, GL8-10, GL8-29, GL10-12, GL10-14, GL11-25, GL12-14, GL12-16, GL14-16, GL14-22, GL15-26, GL16-27, GL18-23, GL23-101, GL27-22, GL27-29, GL29-31, GL30-32, GL33-130, GL38/48, GL44/51, GL51/56, GL56/60, GL60/101, GL11/25SS, GL14/16SS, GL14/22SS, GL15/26SS, GL16/27SS, GL23/101SS, GL613/88SS, GL44/66SS

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