Vintage Volume HD Wig by Hairdo


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Gorgeous shag reminiscent of the popular ‘70’s shag with feathered, side-swept bangs and layered chin-length sides that graduate back to a collar-length nape.

You can comb the sides forward or brush them back for different looks

(Shown in R10)

Head Size: Average

Weight: 2.6 oz

Hair Lengths: Bangs 5″, Crown 5.75″, Left 5.5″, Right 5.5″, Back 5.5″, Nape 4.25″

Made with Tru2Life® heat-friendly synthetic hair that can be flat-ironed, curled or blown out. (See packaging insert for complete directions.)

Available colors: R2 | R11s+ | R3025S+ | SS14/88 | SS25 | R56/60

Ebony (R2): Black

Glazed Mocha (R11S+): Medium Brown with Gold Blonde highlighting on top

Glazed Cinnamon (R3025S+): Medium Reddish Brown with Ginger highlights blended in the front and crown

Rooted Golden Wheat (SS14/88): Medium Blonde streaked with pale Gold highlights and Medium Brown roots

Rooted Ginger Blonde (SS25): Golden Blonde with subtle highlights and Medium Brown roots

R56/60 Silver

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