Raquel Welch Human Hair Color Chart

Human Hair Color Levels

R1HH Black

R3HH Dark Brown

R4HH Chestnut Brown

R5HH Light Reddish Brown

R6HH Medium Auburn

R7HH Strawberry Blonde

R9HH Light Golden Blonde

R10HH Palest Blonde


Also available in human hair:

R11S+ Glazed Mocha

R829S+ Glazed Hazelnut

R10 Chestnut (Rich Dark Brown with Coffee Brown highlights all over)

R14/88H Golden Wheat (Medium Blonde streaked with Pale Gold highlights)

R1416T Buttered Toast (Dishwater or Mousey Blonde with sun kissed highlights)

R25 Ginger Blonde (Golden Blonde with subtle highlights)

R1621S+ Glazed Sand

R29S+ Glazed Strawberry

R3025S+ Glazed Cinnamon

R6/30H Chocolate Copper (Dark brown with soft coppery highlights)

R2/31 Cocoa – Dark brown with subtle warm highlights and Dark Brown roots

SS829 Hazelnut – Medium Brown with Ginger highlights blended in the front and crown

SS1222 Cappuccino – Light Golden Brown With Cool Blonde Highlights All Over and Dark Brown roots

SS1488 Golden Wheat – Medium Blonde streaked with pale Gold highlights and Medium Brown roots

SS26 Chardonnay – Light Golden Blonde with Pearly highlights and Dark Golden Blonde roots