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Wigs for the holidays

Whether you are looking for a fun, classic or trendy style, we have great options for all of you.

Here are our picks for this Holiday Season:

 Velvet Wavez  Julianne Lite     Simmer Elite


 Lush Wavez        Joslin           Alva

 Cameo Cut          Max              Chantel

 Zara Lite                Kayla             Straight Press 23




How to choose the right topper

If you are looking for a topper, check out this useful info so you can choose the right one. There are many stages of hair loss.

Beginning: Hair loss begins in a diffused pattern on top of head: minimal loss.

Mid/Progressive: Hair loss becomes more noticeable, may start to see more scalp.

Advanced: Hair loss is very noticeable, scalp is clearly visible.


So, the first thing to do is to determine the area of hair loss. Measure area front to back, then side to side. 

  • For a receding front hairline or thinning at temples, try a clip-in bang or fringe style.
  • For hair loss along the part or crown area, a top piece is ideal. Select a style with a base size that is at least a half-inch larger than the area of hair loss.

If you live in Southern California, you can schedule an appointment at our showroom in Valencia, CA to help you choose the right one and learn more about toppers. Call us at 323-522-7624 or email us at

Here are some of our favorite toppers:

 Top Billing 12″      8″ easiPart HD   easiPart XL HD 12″

 Top Billing 18″     EasiFringe HD   Faux Fringe

 Go All Out 10″    Lyric           18″ Top Smart



New to wigs? Don’t worry, we have all the info you need in our FAQs on the top menu: from choosing the right wig to taking care, different fibers, etc. Check it out and learn lots of tips!

These are just some tips:

How to apply a wig

How to wash a wig

What Size of Wig Should I choose?

How to Style a Synthetic Wig